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A  requested psd for Katy Perry Music Videos . You will need to change brightness/levels according to video. Please like or reblog if you download. Do not steal or claim as your own. *contains vibrance.



New psd for color pictures, works well with most classic photoshoots and movie stills . Please “like” or reblog if you use or save .

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motion blur effect on your photo 


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Shattering Gif Tutorial by irant-rpc!

This is a tutorial on how to create the effect above!

I warn you, it’s rather difficult to achieve, but if you follow the steps and fiddle with it a bit, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

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Gif Graphic tutorial #1


How to make a Gif/Graphic like this: 



  • basic Photoshop knowledge
  • How to make a gif (x)

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Redirect url/saved url page by mandrakescry
redirect live previewsaved live preview | code

  • DON’T remove the credits
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derekhales psd #1 (download) a psd to say thanks for 3k followers!

you will have to adjust it for some scenes. like or reblog if you download.

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Stars dance psd

Works virtually on any picture

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